A street boy steals a Bible from a woman,  Gets 10 years in jail A ruthless fathers rapes his daughter,  Gets 3 years at most Makes you wonder!!!  Derserve!  A man cheats on his girlfriend of 5 years with too many women He can’t even remember their names And society justifies his actions with the … Continue reading Deserve


So Lately I don’t just believe stuff,  I ravel and unravel until there’s  zero vicinity. Sceptical much? Yes, No, Maybe!!!  I just can’t do it anymore ! I just cant seem to. I’ve always been this way though… Since I was little but I got judged too much I just conformed.  See! It’s easy to … Continue reading Scepticism!!! 


Hmmmmmm..  Where to begin..  A society without emotion.. Picture that! Someone stepped on you and they don’t say sorry…. But then again why would they… They have no emotion so he or she didn’t realise they hurt your last so and you wouldn’t notice it because heck! You didnt feel a thing…. You have no … Continue reading Equals