The Fuckening

That new connect is going too well, almost too good to be true. And then, something finally goes down, Ah, there it is, the fuckening! We’ve all been there. You get screwed over a couple times, and suddenly you’re using “fuckening” as a real word 😂 Here’s the thing though, is it really so bad? … Continue reading The Fuckening


the community into which every child enters defines the child! isn’t that right cucu? isn’t this how our community dictated i should turn out to be? Apologetic! afraid to live out today, because what happened yesterday must count, and what should happen tomorrow should be planned for? cucu, why is it that i am not … Continue reading Apologetic

We’ve Been Here Before!

We’ve been here before my love, We’ve roamed this room before, Searched every nook and cranny in search of each other, Scavenged through the garbage wishing upon that which is rotten to find crumbs that may lead back to you. We’ve been here before my love, Lost in each other’s eyes, Soaking in each other’s … Continue reading We’ve Been Here Before!

3 am

Image by Lothar Dieterich from Pixabay like moments fall around us like rain  like snow, every body has eyes whether they see or not, and bones, and skin, and a face, and a heart , and a stomach.  all which seem to be meant for keeping you, sustain you, manifest you, grow you. but really, … Continue reading 3 am