The Last Post! Post 101

Catherine Yesterday, I spent half my day in the hospital, and most of my day literally puking my guts out. I was seated someplace outside after having spent hours hooked to an IV, and this woman approached me. Catherine is her name. Like every concerned Human, she wanted to know why I was crying. I... Continue Reading →

Makes No Sense

the birds keep singing, even when they’re sad! they all sound the same to me... I can never know whether they’re having a good or bad day, but they never cease to sing do they? the cows seem to enjoy chewing cud, the goats seem to enjoy the taste of their own piss, the lions... Continue Reading →

Cornflower Blue

it is well for the heart to be naive, and the mind not to be. it is well for my heart to skip at the mention of your name, and my mind to think that dumb. it is well for your heart to wanna be with me, and for your mind to be against because... Continue Reading →

Movie Theater

i think! i imagine myself lost in the abyss of a movie theater! the red seats, the beautiful roof, the roundness of the room, how subtle, the lights, oh the lights, and i'm just seated there in my thoughts, spinning round and round and round, bearing bits and flashes of what has been my life.... Continue Reading →

Names In The Sand

By naming me you negate me. You Nullify me, Invalidate me to that which is restricted by the claws of a society negated. A tree is beautiful even when dry, It takes the art of the semi-arid, And contours it’s form into brittle canvas. What is the worth in a name? Do you ever stop... Continue Reading →

Darkness is Inevitable

Sometimes a girl knows, None of it is real. It's a game of charades It's "Let me sketch an idea for you While you base your soul purpose just to make it comes true".... The concept of Dreams Come True Only this time... You really are convinced of the promise that never bears fruit... Because... Continue Reading →

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