the community into which every child enters defines the child! isn't that right cucu? isn't this how our community dictated i should turn out to be? Apologetic! afraid to live out today, because what happened yesterday must count, and what should happen tomorrow should be planned for? cucu, why is it that i am not... Continue Reading →

We’ve Been Here Before!

We’ve been here before my love, We’ve roamed this room before, Searched every nook and cranny in search of each other, Scavenged through the garbage wishing upon that which is rotten to find crumbs that may lead back to you. We’ve been here before my love, Lost in each other’s eyes, Soaking in each other’s... Continue Reading →

3 am

Image by Lothar Dieterich from Pixabay like moments fall around us like rain  like snow, every body has eyes whether they see or not, and bones, and skin, and a face, and a heart , and a stomach.  all which seem to be meant for keeping you, sustain you, manifest you, grow you. but really,... Continue Reading →


Her gravestone would read “Home” But she never wants to be buried. She strongly believes with death comes home and that doesn't involve a lifeless box for her. Billie has been so many things, Different walks of life, Different seasons, Different homes, She has had to fit the quick pro quo For each For her... Continue Reading →


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay sometimes pain, disappointment, frustration, and despair comes at you, like waves in the ocean. leaving you drowning in the ocean of your own tears. sometimes even your inner-strength doesn't cut it, these tears do not care for your resistance, resilience, or determination to remain strong, they are here to unravel... Continue Reading →

Morning Walks

Image by Lars Wicher from Pixabay there is something romantic about morning walks, birds flying in twos, singing melodies of praise to mother nature, and melodies of love spread upon the approaching blue sky, the morning star refusing to go to sleep waiting for the golden sunrise peers into the sky, the lingering blue daylight... Continue Reading →

We Forget Its Not All Bad

Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay where there is light, darkness is approaching. when the sun basks in the glory of its heat, the moon is waiting to howl through the night, yet, when all seems lost, forgotten, torn apart, impossible, and traumatizing, we figure that life is unfair to us. we forget that its... Continue Reading →

Wa Jumamothi- The Day of Saturn

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay sometimes Saturday nights come bearing redemption. like the angel of light, sometimes it comes dazzled in glitter, brilliance, and fulfillment. … and sometimes, like the dark demon of the night, it comes ready to tear apart, destroy, burn, scatter the ashes where the wind never goes. … sometimes, Saturdays... Continue Reading →

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