Purposeless and Zen

Image by Activedia on Pixabay i stayed up nights, worrying, trying to control everything, buried in guilt. by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, i disappeared in the maze of trying to find purpose. purpose! like diamond, i admired it, wanted it, dreamt of it, but never really found it. i stayed in the … Continue reading Purposeless and Zen

The Surface

Image by manfredrichter on Pixabay most times, what we see on the surface fails us. it betrays us. and from the day, from her vagina we are born, each of us is introduced to a different kind of surface. that which is in our vicinity, can sometimes be a reflection of that which those around … Continue reading The Surface

Search To Fit In

Image by congerdesign on Pixabay For years, as distant as a wishing star, was fitting in for her. it felt like, she was never heard, unseen were all her efforts. what was wrong with her? she never did know! she thought there was something, she never did right. but never once had she invited the … Continue reading Search To Fit In


and some days, the lack of activity comes at you like a storm. it bears with it, silence. the kind of silence that makes do anything to get out. the kind of silence that bears no mercy, at its beckon, he needs you there. the kind of silence cruel like the heat of the afternoon … Continue reading Boredom

Your Way Out

like an itch, you will always bother them. for they don’t understand you and they never will. but never give them the privilege long enough let them think they will break you, then grab your freedom by the tail, and use it to smack sanity in them. never allow yourself to be clubbed into dank … Continue reading Your Way Out