Darkness is Inevitable

Sometimes a girl knows, None of it is real. It's a game of charades It's "Let me sketch an idea for you While you base your soul purpose just to make it comes true".... The concept of Dreams Come True Only this time... You really are convinced of the promise that never bears fruit... Because... Continue Reading →

Kind To You

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay In the wreckage of their own failures, you deemed yourself worthless. In the pursuit of their respect, you let them take control of your life. In the desperation to make it in life, you armed yourself with everything besides willpower. In the rear view of the world's shadow, you embraced... Continue Reading →

Shooting Star

like the birth of a child, i held his love in my arms, like a new flower budding out, innocence so peaceful, beauty so loud, and freedom so divine. he captured my heart the very first day I laid my eyes on him. afro guy, blue shirt, black jeans, and a sling laptop back hanging... Continue Reading →


(photo credit: pixabay) The sky was blue, night blue, clustered with a few stars, graced by white clouds that were perfectly illuminated by the moon, the full moon looked down on me right in the middle of my view. It was the prettiest thing I had seen so far into the New Year the trees... Continue Reading →

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