You Are Not Alone

Image by Pixel2013 from Pixabay Come! let me take your hand through the darkness, let me walk with you all night long when you have no direction, Come! let's walk a mile in your shoes, let me to meet you there, where the light shines a little brighter, where the air is clear, let's pinky... Continue Reading →

It Wasn’t All About Me

Image by KELLEPICS on Pixabay It wasn't that I didn't know you love me, but because I was buried too deep. Too dark for me to feel or even see your love. I never wanted to leave you, I just didn't have it in me to keep fighting the monsters. And today when you ask... Continue Reading →

Purposeless and Zen

Image by Activedia on Pixabay i stayed up nights, worrying, trying to control everything, buried in guilt. by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, i disappeared in the maze of trying to find purpose. purpose! like diamond, i admired it, wanted it, dreamt of it, but never really found it. i stayed in the... Continue Reading →

The Surface

Image by manfredrichter on Pixabay most times, what we see on the surface fails us. it betrays us. and from the day, from her vagina we are born, each of us is introduced to a different kind of surface. that which is in our vicinity, can sometimes be a reflection of that which those around... Continue Reading →

Your Graduation

Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay when the ways get tough, you are near to the end journey, redemption is upon you, willing to be let within. time to master your resolve is here. remember why you set out in the first place. listen to the universe, listen to its ferocious energy nudging you to keep... Continue Reading →

The Mayfly Of It All!

George Crabble compared the brief life of newspapers to that of a mayfly because they are only meant to live for a day. After this day is done, Today's newspaper will only serve as a historical relic. I find it baffling that hours are spent to bring to us what is inadvertently happening in our... Continue Reading →

Letter To My Exes

Its just a Sunday, Mellow Sunday, I know I'm sad, and I know its deep rooted, I know its okay to be sad, Yet I know I don't want to be sad anymore I know why I am sad, And I know why the sadness keeps creeping back each time I want to move forward.... Continue Reading →

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