It Wasn’t All About Me

Image by KELLEPICS on Pixabay It wasn't that I didn't know you love me, but because I was buried too deep. Too dark for me to feel or even see your love. I never wanted to leave you, I just didn't have it in me to keep fighting the monsters. And today when you ask... Continue Reading →

My Heart Can’t Take It

my heart has broken wings, i forgot the will to fly, i found comfort in the hole, being buried was better, swimming in shores of the frozen seas, hoping that the cold shocks me back to sanity, under water doesn't scare me anymore.   its hard to breath sometimes, i can feel my heart hanging... Continue Reading →

Cigarettes and Misery

(photo credit: Pixabay) He wants to sell his father's land.... the drunk man. Sell that small piece of land, go live with his woman. the idea of working beneath him, sees absolutely no point of it. Living with this woman means a better life than the farm, will allow him access to her purse, hence... Continue Reading →


(picture credit: pixabay) Today you would have turned 27! oh how heavy it weighs, it always will. But I see you in the trees, I see you in the stars, I see you in the moon, I see you in the rivers and the waterfalls, and I see you in everything that screams beauty to... Continue Reading →

Letter To My Exes

Its just a Sunday, Mellow Sunday, I know I'm sad, and I know its deep rooted, I know its okay to be sad, Yet I know I don't want to be sad anymore I know why I am sad, And I know why the sadness keeps creeping back each time I want to move forward.... Continue Reading →

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