Darkness is Inevitable

Sometimes a girl knows, None of it is real. It's a game of charades It's "Let me sketch an idea for you While you base your soul purpose just to make it comes true".... The concept of Dreams Come True Only this time... You really are convinced of the promise that never bears fruit... Because... Continue Reading →


(picture credit: Pixabay) That I fail to see how much he wants me to let him in? That I fail to reciprocate that which he is offering? How bad can I be? That I can be selfish enough to protect my mental being instead of his? That because the in-deference is loud,  I cannot look... Continue Reading →


Why? Have you walked this far for men who don't even know your name? Who've never held your feet in their laps? Why would you loan your integrity to the opium of stupidity? Why do you feel the need to be loved it cracks you to the bone? How often have you bartered with logic... Continue Reading →

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