Wa Jumamothi- The Day of Saturn

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay sometimes Saturday nights come bearing redemption. like the angel of light, sometimes it comes dazzled in glitter, brilliance, and fulfillment. … and sometimes, like the dark demon of the night, it comes ready to tear apart, destroy, burn, scatter the ashes where the wind never goes. … sometimes, Saturdays... Continue Reading →

Mild and Gentle

Image by ThuyHaBich from Pixabay like unperfumed jelly, be mild and gentle. care and nourish for those around you, soothe and calm those who matter to you. be diligent but never forget that where the is good, so is evil, black exists simply because there is white, where the joy, pain has to emerge. where... Continue Reading →


Image by Алина Осипова from Pixabay heed to that which is hidden deep within you, that piece of you that has been trying to crawl out, that piece of you you're afraid the world might reject, that piece of you that knows no limitations or boundaries, that piece of you that bears so much power... Continue Reading →

Kind To You

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay In the wreckage of their own failures, you deemed yourself worthless. In the pursuit of their respect, you let them take control of your life. In the desperation to make it in life, you armed yourself with everything besides willpower. In the rear view of the world's shadow, you embraced... Continue Reading →

Each Word Burns

Image by Lisa Runnels from Pixabay I spent such a long time, so many years, so many lost moments, circling above the clouds, looking for life, yet never living it. The time was here, I needed to stop limping around the past crutch. It was the past, painful yet necessary, weary yet what made me... Continue Reading →


and some days, the lack of activity comes at you like a storm. it bears with it, silence. the kind of silence that makes do anything to get out. the kind of silence that bears no mercy, at its beckon, he needs you there. the kind of silence cruel like the heat of the afternoon... Continue Reading →

My Heart Can’t Take It

my heart has broken wings, i forgot the will to fly, i found comfort in the hole, being buried was better, swimming in shores of the frozen seas, hoping that the cold shocks me back to sanity, under water doesn't scare me anymore.   its hard to breath sometimes, i can feel my heart hanging... Continue Reading →

A Different Kind Of Darkness

Nothing had changed. It was still dark. The darkness was loud, yet subtle, it was with monsters, but the kind that leave you be. it still dark but a different kind of darkness. the kind meant for the wolves, that assures harvest, calmness for the howl, the hope of the full moon. it was a... Continue Reading →

Shooting Star

like the birth of a child, i held his love in my arms, like a new flower budding out, innocence so peaceful, beauty so loud, and freedom so divine. he captured my heart the very first day I laid my eyes on him. afro guy, blue shirt, black jeans, and a sling laptop back hanging... Continue Reading →

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