Silence of The Mountains

(picture credit: Pixabay) The gorgeous silence of the mountains, the tiny sounds of tiny creatures, the subtleness and classiness of the clouds, the indifference of the beautiful trees, the stillness of the river below, the shallowness of the valleys, bring out the silence of the mountains, the silence of the dawn, the silence of the … Continue reading Silence of The Mountains

Hill Fog

(photo credit: PixaBay) For love is a fog that ends, with the first taste of reality. it is tiny water droplets of broken dreams, masked frustrations, and inherited dependency. its ice crystals of fairy tales from childhood, suspended in air. For love is not a pumpkin chariot, Lizard door men, a goose driver, a princess … Continue reading Hill Fog


And I died many deaths, each different from the last one, with every arise, new memories, and I sink deeper, and deeper, deeper into the wormhole.   I was stuck in many worlds before, but I was living in the wrong one. I needed to find the door, find the key, and behind that door, … Continue reading Wormhole


(picture credit: Pixabay) That I fail to see how much he wants me to let him in? That I fail to reciprocate that which he is offering? How bad can I be? That I can be selfish enough to protect my mental being instead of his? That because the in-deference is loud,  I cannot look … Continue reading Bitch!

Sheer Will

And if anyone is going to fight this fight, out of sheer will, its going to be You! You are going to keep going, because that’s what you do…… you keep going. You will play their game, fail, try again, bear frustration, almost give in, die countless time. study their game with mighty keen, until … Continue reading Sheer Will